Now That You’ve Found Them, How Do You Keep Track of Them? Organizing Your Research

Florida State Genealogical Society Poolside Chat Webinar

July 17, 2014 at 8 PM DST

Finding ancestors and other relatives – that’s what genealogy is all about, right? And there are tons of information out there on all of them (even if some of them intentionally seem to have made it difficult for others to track them down!). The trick is, once you’ve learned something about an ancestor or relative, put that information into a readily-accessible, “user-friendly” form that will help you proceed to more research. Everyone has a different idea or style, but this presentation will give some suggestions and some food for thought on options.


Gary M. Smith is Second Vice President and National Conference Coordinator of ISFHWE (International Society of Family History Writers and Editors), President and National Conference Coordinator of the Genealogical Speakers Guild (GSG), and Founding Member of Great Lakes Chapter of APG. He has also been a lay volunteer at the Westlake Family History Center for more than twenty years, and speaks for various organizations, primarily regarding research methodology and Internet subjects. He has been researching and speaking in family history for more than 30 years, including national conferences and genealogy at sea cruises. He has written for print and online publications including APG Quarterly, NGS Magazine, Genealogical Computing, Digital Genealogist, and others. After concluding a career in marketing, he now dedicates his time to genealogy.

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