Participate in the 36th Annual Conference Banner Parade

One of the very exciting events at the FSGS Conference is the “Banner Parade!”  Each society is invited to display their banner… and each receives a ribbon for attendance.  This is a proud time for the society… and a colorful event at the conference.

The parade is held at the Opening Session of the conference.  A society member carries the banner into the hall.  The banner’s description is read and the banner is placed on display.  What a proud moment for the society!

To see most of the Florida society banners, visit  Is your banner there?  Is the picture up to date?  We need a current picture, minimum 300 jpg… the name of the society, a short description of the banner and the date it was created.

  • For the conference, we need the name of the contract person who will bring the banner and the name of the person who will carry it in the parade.
  • Don’t have a banner???  Time to get moving!
  • Banner parade instructions will be sent toward the end of October.
  • Send your information to

Registration for the 36th Annual FSGS Conference… one not to be missed… is now available online… www.flsgs,org.  Register TODAY for your seat!



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